Adult Premium Side Chair

Adult Premium Side Chair

Our Serviceko anti-bacterial chair provides a strong, easy clean solution for areas throughout your building.

Made via one piece injection moulded polymer, this chair is built to withstand heavy usage on a daily basis.

Complying with the highest levels of infection control, our chair is incredibly easy to clean and improves efficiency in departments due to the wipe clean nature. The rounded edges mean there are no dirt traps or corners where dirt can be embedded.

Designed with anti-tilt legs, the chair has a 25 stone/158KG safe working load.


MRSA resistance - ISO 22196:2011

E.Coli resistance - ISO 22196:2011

Fungal resistance - ISO 846:1997

Surface resistance to cold liquids - BSEN 12720:2009

Strength for contract furniture - BSEN 16139:2013

Stability of domestic seating - BSEN 1022:2005

Functional ergonomics - BSEN 1729:1 (conforms to)