Our Promise

For all your maintenance and new build project requirements in the Birmingham, West Midlands and Staffordshire areas. We supply and support engineering projects with expert knowledge to assist with the supply demand and design capabilities that most companies have lost over time. Our employees and support partners will be able to advise with best design practices and obtain all build components including engineered and fabricated parts, power transmission, bearings, hydraulics, pneumatics, gearboxes, motors, heat exchangers as well as consumables such as lubricants, glues, ppe and workplace signs.

Serviceko Ltd bring new perspectives and Ideas to your business. We like to assist to diagnose your day to day problems and come up with workable solutions. Whatever engineering or components supply issue there is, we are here to offer help and assistance. We will bring something new to the table to solve your businesses problems.

We Will Collaborate with you, our aim is not just to sell something to you, our aim is to work together to achieve a mutual goal, by being responsive to the customer's concerns and ways of doing business. We want to become integral to your day to day business success.

At ServiceKo Ltd we have the confidence in our ability to achieve the results that will give our clients the confidence we are here to deliver a quality service. A service that ensures all our clients are receiving the best possible cost and efficiency to keep their businesses successful. Your success will ensure ServiceKo Ltd succeed.

Listening to your clients is key! so at ServiceKo Ltd we make it our business to deliver on what the customer is asking for. Not only from a services supply point but also to achieve longer term goals that assists the client in achieving their own goals.

Our clients are part of our brand so keeping them happy is key to achieving our goals. The members of the ServiceKo Ltd team are and have had training to understand how to minimise the risks to our clients when making the decision to switch their valued custom to our portfolio. We understand the pitfalls and ensure maintaining a relationship throughout transition and continue with an ongoing interest in providing assurances throughout. It is inevitable that there will be negative eventualities along the way but a positive relationship will limit any issues that arise, we will solve them together.

ServiceKo Ltd will communicate the Purchasing Process and will quote prices, discounts and availability to tailor to the client’s requirements. There will be NO last minute cost additions that can lead to a breakdown in communications. We will ensure that we have understood the client’s requirements before we close off our quotation.

We believe that with all said TRUST will ultimately have an involvement in our clients making the choice to allow ServiceKo Ltd to become one of their supply partners.

Our promise is “to do as we say we will and to provide value that’s superior to other options”.