450 mm x 100 mm Finger Plate

450 mm x 100 mm Finger Plate


Door pull handles are one of the largest touch points within the healthcare, commercial and retail environments, traditional stainless steel or painted handles increase the spread of infections by providing an area for transmission to occur, creating more carriers. Our products have been independently tested and show that they are all 99.9% effective. This with the fact that this protection is to the core - we are not affected by scratching or other damage that renders coatings and sprays useless; our independent tests prove we can ensure protection for 10 years. Our handles are manufactured from non-porous ultra strong and durable polypropylene. Our antimicrobial silver additive runs through the handles to their core. This is clinically certified to kill 99.9% of MRSA and E-Coli on contact and prevents any bacteria from growing on their surface, even if our product becomes scratched or damaged in any way, it still retains its antimicrobial properties - guaranteeing a safe environment.


MRSA resistance - ISO 22196:2011

E.Coli resistance - ISO 22196:2011

Fungal resistance - ISO 846:1997

Surface resistance to cold liquids - BSEN 12720:2009